If you have got a chimney and fireplace you’ll probably wish to keep the fireplace going throughout the winter so as to stay heat. However, you’ll wish to stay within the fireplace wherever it belongs, and not within the chimney. Many homeowners have the misfortune of experiencing a chimney fire.

These fires can easily degrade the chimney’s structure. It will even get out of control and burn a part of your roof or alternative parts of your home. It is best to be fully aware of the common reasons why these fires start so you can prevent one from occurring in your home.

One of the most reasons chimney fires occur is thanks to a buildup of creosote. This substance forms whenever you burn some woods and also the smoke cools within the chimney. If a spark happens across this buildup it can easily ignite a fire.

Outside temperatures can play a role in creosote buildup. The cooler the exterior of the chimney the additional creosote will build up. This is a problem if your chimney is located on the side of your home. If it runs through the center of your home, this will not be a factor.

The air provides within the chimney will be an element in chimney fires. If there’s not enough air flowing through the chimney smoke won’t be ready to escape with efficiency. Therefore, creosote can build up because the smoke cools. To ensure there’s adequate air running through the chimney, make sure you keep the damper all the way open when burning a fire.

The type hearth} you burn within the fireplace is additionally vital. Unseasoned firewood will lead to more creosote, so it is best for you to burn seasoned firewood instead. Avoid burning larger fires as a result of they burn additional slowly and at cooler temperatures. It is ideal to burn smaller, hotter fires instead.

Make sure you only burn firewood in your fireplace too. If you burn newspaper or alternative paper things, bits and pieces of it could travel up the chimney and ignite creosote buildup easily.

Homeowners should also consider installing a chimney cap. Having one in all these caps can facilitate keep animals out of your chimney. Their nests or maybe their dead bodies will impede the chimney and cause a fire starting.

Chimney fires are terribly serious as they’ll simply cause major harm to your home similarly because of the chimney itself. Make sure you have got your chimney inspected and cleaned often to assist keep one from occurring.