Chimney Repair


Chimney repair is an essential part of home improvement and maintenance. If you have a fireplace in your home, then you must have a chimney. Sadly, most homeowners do not seem to pay attention to their chimneys and will only notice when the damage is beyond repair. We are available to take care of your chimney repair and maintenance needs.

You should not put off the maintenance until the damage is done as this may end up demanding costly repairs in the future. We are available to inspect your chimney and determine the specific repairs that your chimney may need. Contact us for professional services. Here are some common chimney repair services that we offer:

Capping Repairs

The chimney cap is useful and is not only a decorative addition to the chimney. When the cap is broken or damaged, it needs to be repaired right away. The cap is what keeps the rainwater away from the flue. To avoid extensive water damage, you should allow our experts to inspect the chimney and ascertain that the cap is not broken or damaged. If there is any problem with the capping, it needs to be fixed right away.

Loose Bricks and Masonry

Most chimneys are constructed using bricks and mortar. The type of masonry that you get will determine how long the chimney will last. Over the years, you may notice that some parts of the chimney are becoming loose and unsecured. This may easily give way to fumes and heat and even water. When our professionals inspect the chimney, we will detect every part that has loose fittings and carry out the necessary repairs. With our professional repairs, your chimney will be intact and last for ages.

Flue Cracking Repairs

The inner section of the chimney is known as the flue and this is prone to suffer a number of damages. The fact that it is inside the chimney may deter you from seeing any cracks and other issues. Our specialists will use modern equipment to inspect the flue and check for any signs of damages. There are times when we will correct the issues with a professional cleaning and other times we may be forced to resurface the lining. Professional chimney maintenance is useful as it allows experts to keep the flue in check.

Chimney Blockage

There are a number of reasons why your chimney may block. If there are animals and birds that nest in your chimney, then the overall functionality of the chimney is compromised. This may cause carbon monoxide and smoke to back up into your home. With our professional chimney repairs, we will clear any blockage in the chimney and allow you to continue using the fireplace without any hindrances.

Best Chimney Repairs

Are you searching for a professional expert to repair your chimney? Give us a call and we will be glad to take a look at the chimney. We are seasoned chimney repair specialists and we will restore your chimney in a short while. Give us a call to find out more.

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