Chimney Safety


The chimneys and fireplaces are a representation of modern features in a home. However, there are some signs that will indicate the need to have professional chimney repairs. For instance, if there are cracks in the bricks, this shows that the chimney is already being ruined and patching the cracks in time could save you a whole lot of money. Failure to act in time and carry out the repairs will force you to spend thousands of dollars in chimney repairs. Give us a call and let us inspect your chimney to determine if it needs any repairs. This is an effective way of keeping your family safe.

When you have small cracks that may appear harmless on the chimney, they will start to spread and before you know it they will be huge cracks. When you allow the cracks to remain, this will cause even bigger problems and whenever it rains or snows there will be water damage and moisture caught in between the bricks. With the water spreading in the entire chimney, mold may start to grow, which is toxic and can affect your health. As such, you should never leave the small cracks unattended as they can become a huge disaster in the future. If you need to have your chimney repaired, give us a call right away.

Prevent Chimney Fires

There have been a couple of sad incidences when chimney fires erupted. Unfortunately, these fires are often as a result of the cracks in the chimney bricks. These are fires that will ignite without a warning and the damage can be quite significant. When such a fire starts, it can only be contained by the fire department. You should not ignore the cracks that are on your chimney. Our experienced experts will inspect every part of the chimney and ensure that there are no cracks that are unattended. We will look at the crown, the cap, bricks, and mortar and fix all the areas that may have a problem.

Our chimney repairs are professional and we are committed to restoring the chimney and making it as good as new. We will replace various parts of the chimney and ensure that they are in full compliance with the city codes. We know the right measures to take when repairing the chimneys and our objective is to extend the useful life of your chimney. Waterproofing the chimney is essential as this will ensure that there is no water that gets into your chimney. When water accesses the chimney it can flow down into the flue and cause serious water damage. There are different ways through which we can seal any cracks and gaps in your chimney and caulking is an effective solution.

Get Your Chimney Cracks Repaired

The moment you realize that your chimney has cracks; you should call us right away. We will get to work right away and patch up all the cracks. We are professional contractors and take pride in offering quality chimney repairs. Give us a call and get a free estimate.

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